02​/​09​/​2015 Demos

by Cotton Guard

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All songs written and recorded on 02/09/2015


released February 9, 2015

Cotton Guard is affiliated with BINKY



all rights reserved


Cotton Guard Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

My name is Jacob Norman and I have a billion bandcamp pages.

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Track Name: Hot Tub
Oh ho, alright. Let's go and lie awake all night
Oh ho, alright. Let's go and lie awake all night~
I remember sitting in that cupboard waiting for you to come home
You were thinking that I was skinny dippin when I was just still alone.
Oh ho, alright. Let's hang out at the hot tub all night.
Oh ho, alright. Let's go skinny dippin all night~

With fingers draped down your backside I would never go
I was crawling out from the walls and how was I supposed to know?
That I wasn't clear. I'm sorry if you didn't hear.
I said my goodbyes. I'm sorry if I made you cry~
Track Name: Song for Dad (Feebreze)
I hope that one day you'll forgive me day cause when you die I plan to change my name.
I just don't like the way it sounds in my mouth. It's nothing personal I don't have no one to blame.

And I know that you will forgive me dad. Never cared about your own sorts of pain.
And I preemptively thank you for your kindness. Just don't wanna deal with this today.

And I know that I will grow up a strong man, regardless of my own wishes today.
I can smell the smells emanating from the carpet. Don't got cleaner but I got some Febreeze.

And I can tell you what's wrong with my shoes dad but I won't know what got you today.
And I won't tell you if you won't believe yourself. Maybe you just have to deal with your own head.
Track Name: Fight or Flight?
I wouldn't care if you knew what you wanted to do
I'll sit at home tonight reading articles about fight and flight
Track Name: Teenagers in Love
I wish that I could have been a teenager in love like I thought it could be from all of those movies I saw
I never thought about all the alternative options for me. What else would that mean?

So who would care?
Anyway I like your hair

I always thought it looked cute with shoulder length or shorter but I never really cared and you never thought I did so that was good. And I know I have no regrets, even for those sections in my life.

Still I wish I could
not feel the shame
about all the things that now make me feel like they're not that big a deal